For Roger W. Morgan, each weekday begins long before the first rays of sunshine strike our coastline.  The next 4 hours are the highlights of a life he has lived across America for more years than he will sometime admit.  “Playing the legends” as Roger calls it, is what he lives for!  At 10am when the show ends, it isn’t uncommon to find Roger meeting over coffee with the two key members of a truly legendary broadcast engineering team.  They plan their day at the tower/transmitter on one of the Southern Oregon’s tallest peaks where our signal is beamed to a nearly 100 mile stretch of the Coastline.  It’s all part of our relentless pursuit to create THE legendary radio station designed from here…FOR HERE!  We are live and local and loving the life we live!Rog revised20180419_10585720180419_124508

2 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SCENE…”

  1. I have two heroes in radio broadcasting. One is Casey Kasem, the other is Roger W. Morgan. I listened to Roger’s morning show on KOIL, every day, when I was in high school. During my college years, Casey kept me company on my long drives back to campus, on Sunday nights (same station). I can say that Roger was part of the reason I became a Radio-TV major. In acting, when something goes wrong on stage, and an actor finds his way out of trouble, it’s called Defensive Acting. The main radio listening public didn’t know how gifted Roger was at ad libbing his way out of on-air technical problems (i.e. a cart machine jamming, etc.), when they would arise, but I could hear how good he was. In the fall of ’78, I was visiting my brother in San Diego. His wife told me that Roger was on a station in the area, so I went through the AM band and found him doing his shift at an El Cajon station. I gave him a call, and we talked for a few minutes, reflecting on his days in Omaha. Several years later, I found out that he was hosting a bridal fair in Omaha, so I had to wait around after the show was over, to talk to him. I introduced myself and told him about the phone call I made to him in San Diego, and he actually remembered it! When I taught media classes at a junior college, I always brought up Roger’s “Morganizing” of celebrities during his morning shift. I have followed him over the years, to see what he’s been up to. So glad he’s back, doing his thing in the Northwest. Sales gets old! Carry on, Roger! – John LaPuzza, Tucson, AZ

    1. Hey John…You have no idea how pleased and humbled I was to find your wonderful comments here! Yes, I remember all those steps along the way. We missed crossing paths in a few of my stops but it’s fascinating to recall how many times we came in contact over all those years. By the way, Casey was a dear friend since my time in San Francisco in the mid 70’s. You have made my life brighter and happier with your kind words, John. Thank you! Roger

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