COREY from Coquille is a WINNER!

Hey Corey…thanks for lovin’ our new radio station.  Enjoy the tickets to the Righteous Brothers concert this Saturday night at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville!

Tomorrow “Morgan”, Roger W. Morgan will award a lucky winner with a LARGE 3-TOPPING PIZZA from DAVE’S PIZZA in Coos Bay.  This is some of the WORLD’S BEST PIZZA!  If you need evidence, ask our own contest girl, PRINCESS.  Dave’s Hawaiian Pizza is her absolute favorite!!

2 thoughts on “COREY from Coquille is a WINNER!”

    1. Ouch…I’m sorry! -forgot to mention. That’s ME (Roger W. Morgan) and William Shatner. I thought his “pointy” sideburns would give away his identity. Thanks for listening! RWM

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