That artist we were searching for this “Morgan” was “Robert Zimmerman”.  So, who’s Robert Zimmerman, you ask.  And what monumental event occurred with this “obscure artist” that was so earth-shaking?  Well, he later became “Bob Dylan” and the event that shook his career to new lows happened at the Newport Folk Festival back in 1965 (July 25th).  Bob stepped on stage holding a Fender Stratocaster ELECTRIC guitar and was immediately “boo’d” off stage!  Those folks wanted FOLK music.  (We suspect they might have been saddened to learn that one of Dylan’s first music assignments was to be the organ player in Bobby Vee’s “Shadows” group.)  The gig didn’t last long once the band realized he was a horrible organist and that the organ was in an irreparable state of disrepair.  Congratulations to Lenora DeRe’ of Reedsport, Oregon for knowing this sordid story and winning the large 3-topping pizza from Dave’s Pizza….D**n good pizza!

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