No one counts more than YOU!  Here’s what you can do to help us make 105.9-THE LEGEND, even MORE LEGENDARY than ever.  Send us a message letting us know the following:

What 3 songs do you NEVER hear on THE LEGEND that you would love to hear?

What 3 songs do you hear on THE LEGEND that you NEVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN?

We’ll report the results of this experiment soon.  Meantime, know that we appreciate your input more than you could ever know!  Roger, Bob, and Shotgun Tom65A7F9CC-7E9C-4A73-9B58-EEA1234019B4

17 thoughts on “HELP US BUILD THE LEGEND”

  1. Would like to hear Johnny cash a boy named sue,,,Jerry reed she got the goldmine I got the shaft,,,,Ray Stevens the hair cut song,,which mentions coosbay oregon!

  2. I’d like to hear Ringo Starr’s ‘No-No Song’, Anne Murray’s ‘You Needed Me’, and Phil Collins’ ‘Sussudio’. I could happily live the rest of my life never hearing ‘Rambling Man’, ‘I Will Always Love You’, or anything by Barry White ever again.

    1. Gotcha’…You be assured that Barry White never quite made the “cut” as LEGENDARY. We appreciate your note! Roger W.

  3. Need to Play:
    Magic Man or anything by Heart
    Little Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
    Strange Way – Little River Band
    I don’t recall hearing anything by The Who

    Never Play
    Smoke gets in your eyes by the Platters – not really rock. – I turn down the volume on this one…annoying
    Key Largo by Bertie Higgins and Escape (the Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes – I am convinced they are actually the same song and I totally burned out on both back in the 80’s. – These songs are a mandatory bathroom break at work.
    I will always love you or anything by Whitney Houston. She ruined Dolly Parton’s wonderful ballad. – This one is a dial changer.

    1. This helps more than you know, Kurt! EXACTLY what we’re looking for in the comments. You may not get everything you wish for but, if enough listeners agree…there’s a good possibility of adjustment. I agree that “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” isn’t rock…but it was one of the all time biggest hits EVER on what were called “rock stations” at the time it was released. That’s one we wrestled with. Stay with us, Kurt, your comments are GOLDEN!

  4. I would like to hear a wider selection of songs from the legends you already play. It seems you play the same two or three songs over and over and over again.

    1. Hi Mary. We really appreciate your thoughts but, since we don’t play the same two or three songs over and over again, we’re hoping that you might help us dispell that notion. Collectively, the responses could help us develop the library that our listeners want to hear most. Please tell us 3 songs you don’t hear that you’d like to hear…and 3 that we play that you never want to hear again. Which 2 or 3 songs you mention are the ones you don’t want to hear so much?

      1. You played Cracklin Rosie by Neil Diamond a few minutes ago. The only Neil Diamond songs I seem to hear you play are Cracklin Rosie, Sweet Caroline, and Cherry Cherry. The only Elton John songs I seem to hear are The Bitch Is Back, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Benny and the Jets. That’s what I mean by the same songs over and over. I’d like to hear a wider variety of songs from the artist you play.

        1. Thanks again, Mary. -sounds like you listen a lot and we really appreciate that. Because we limit our playlist to “legends”, it restricts us from bringing in some of the artists that simply never achieved that “legend” status. Keeping a radio format “fresh” is an ongoing challenge and we will take your observations into consideration. We’re playing a fair number of Neil Diamond and Elton John songs beyond those you mentioned, but we’ll continue to search for other hits by those and other legendary artists. Keep your comments coming…we appreciate your input!

    1. Hi Robert. Great help…thanks! What I’d really like from you are the titles of the songs you would like to hear. You can name more than 3 if you like. But I’d also like to hear some songs you might be hearing that you really don’t like. If we can eliminate those specific songs that most of our listeners simply don’t like…our format will improve dramatically. We really appreciate your input.

    2. Hi Robert…what I really want to know is, What is YOUR criteria for LEGENDARY music? Song titles help more than just artists since not all songs by any single artist become LEGENDARY. I want YOUR PERSONAL comments on songs you like and those that you hear on THE LEGEND that you DON’T like. Thanks a million!

  5. Keep putting emphasis on rare 60’s tunes. So few stations anywhere play 60’s music anymore, while 70’s and 80’s are more prevalent. The Turtles Happy Together, Petula Clark Downtown and The Cascades Rhythm of the Falling Rain. Plus, Mama’s & the Papas hits, Herman Hermits etc. Please stay away from disco sounding 70’s crap. Some 80’s actually okay

  6. Hi Robert, enjoyed meeting you in Bandon at the Face Rock Creamery. You have been playing some 50’s hits for us old folks, haven’t you? That’s something your competitor never did.
    Are the Coasters considered legendary….love most of their songs
    I think that the only song I really detest is the Pina Colada Song!
    Carry on……..

    1. I’m not fond of Pina Colada Song, either but we get TONS of requests for it. For the time being, it will remain on a diminished schedule as the result of your message. We really appreciate your comments! We’ll get those Coasters on for you! Thanks for listening!!!

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