OK…a shameless appeal!  Roger W. Morgan was on his way to the studio this “Morgan” at 5:30 AM.  He stopped, as he does every morning, at Dutch Brothers Coffee on 7th Street in Coos Bay.  Realizing that the Remote Broadcast Studio Van he took to work today, was too tall to fit under the awning at Dutch Bros, Roger parked the van in the parking lot at McKay’s Market…walked over to the window and ordered his coffee.  Returning to the van, he discovered that the van door had locked behind him.  SO…there sits the Remote Studio, in the parking lot – motor running-lights on!  Roger’s on the air now, but the van purrs happily in the Dutch Bros. 7th street parking area.  Relying on the power of radio, Roger seeks a solution.  The obvious solution would be to call a locksmith…whose phone at 6am doesn’t ring the standard way…it goes, “Cha Ching”!

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