Usiel 3At 105.9 – THE LEGEND, we believe that listeners should NEVER be subjected to listening to more than 3 minutes of commercials back to back.  It’s a policy that’s good for listeners and for advertisers.  We want you to stay with us and we’ll limit the commercials to make sure you’re NEVER more than 3 commercial minutes away from LEGENDARY MUSIC!  If long commercial breaks are driving you crazy, join the crowd making the SWITCH to THE LEGEND – 105.9 FM.

3 thoughts on “NEVER MORE THAN 3!”

  1. Hello my name is Richard Kidd just found your radio station Saturday and I’ve been listening to it all the time now so thanks a lot this is my kind of music and I live down in Florence Oregon and so this is the best station I found thanks

  2. Hello Richard kidd again just to let you know that I like the three commercials and not so much talking. I’m telling all of my friends here in Florence about your radio station because they like the same kind of music I do

    1. Hey Richard…thanks SO much for listening and for telling your friends about us. Don’t forget to grab tickets to the big Beatles Fantasy show scheduled for May 5th there in Florence. We’ll be there and we’d love to meet you! Roger, Bob, and Shotgun Tom

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