Roger W. Morgan and a bunch of our listeners are headed for Eugene today for SANTANA LIVE at the Matthew Knight Arena tonight.  Bob Malik and Shotgun Tom Kelly join us later today here on 105.9 – THE LEGEND.  (We just now discovered this photo of Roger W. from his days at KYA in San Francisco.  Don’t joke around about it…Roger thinks he still looks like this…)

More concert tickets coming up and a TON OF LEGENDS.  —and NEVER more than 3 commercials in a row…NEVER!!!6a010536b86d36970c0120a57029e7970b


Shotgun Tom Kelly has reached the pinnacle of success as a U.S. radio personality and we’re proud to say that we’ve GOT HIM!  An Emmy award winning broadcaster and master of his own star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME!  Catch Shotgun Tom each weekday afternoon at 3 right here on 105.9 – THE LEGEND!Shotz and President Reagan.jpg


Roger W. Morgan hits the air up and down the Southern Oregon Coast with LEGENDARY HITS and LEGENDARY FUN!  This might be a perfect day to win one of those LEGENDARY large 3-topping pizzas from DAVE’S PIZZA on Koos Boulevard in Coos Bay.  Roger has another “Impossible Quiz” and the Southern Oregon Coast’s BEST MUSIC.  If you’re outside the state, hit “Listen Live” to hear him anywhere in the WORLD!rog

Mary O’Dell is our WINNER! She guessed that 9% of women we surveyed would be embarrassed to introduce their new boyfriend to her friends if he had THIS. What was it?

OK, Mary…the delicious clam chowder from Fisherman’s Seafood Market in Coos Bay is YOURS for coming up with the right answer… A BAD CAR!clunkercar

9% of women we surveyed said they would be embarrassed to introduce a new boyfriend to their friends if he had THIS!!

What do you think THIS is?  Roger W. Morgan has a certificate for a bowl of that amazing clam chowder from Fisherman’s Seafood Market on the Boardwalk in Coos Bay if you’re our “impossible Quiz” winner today.  Just listen for Roger’s cue to call in and answer.  Our phone number is (541) 808-9399.  Wait for the “cue” to call and be ready to enjoy the best clam chowder on the Oregon Coast on a rainy Wednesday “Morgan”.sad-worried-anxious-young-asian-woman


All up and down the Southern Oregon Coast, radio’s are being “switched” to 105.9 – THE LEGEND!

Legendary artists, legendary songs, legendary personalities – EVEN LEGENDARY ADVERTISERS and NEVER MORE THAN 3 IN A ROW!

Let us know you’ve made the switch by sending us a message here on our website.  (Be sure to include your phone number so we can confirm that it’s YOU!) internet-killl-switch.jpgThen, listen for your name on the air.  When you hear it, call in and be an INSTANT WINNER!



The Southern Oregon Coast’s most popular morning radio program with ANOTHER PAIR of CARLOS SANTANA TICKETS for Santana’s concert Friday, March 2nd at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.  Roger has your tickets, tomorrow Morgan, 6-10AM!