Wow…just plain WOW!!!!

Mark Justice of Coos Bay did the near-impossible!  He correctly identified EVERY item in the Perry’s Electric/105.9-THE LEGEND BIG BLACK BOX.  Cash and prizes valued at THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…prizes that included CASH and the beautiful custom spa from PERRY’S ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING SUPPLY and the WHIRLWIND VACATION PACKAGE FOR TWO TO SAN FRANCISCO including AIR FARE and DELUXE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TWO AT THE BEAUTIFUL HANDLERY UNION SQUARE HOTEL in the heart of SAN FRANCISCO!  The good news is this…THE BIG BLACK BOX was ONLY THE BEGINNING.  Stay tuned….




Don’t miss a moment.  Keep listening for the signal to call in and win EVERYTHING inside the Perry’s Electric/THE LEGEND-BIG BLACK BOX!  Remember, your best opportunity comes from listening to the lucky callers who get through to the program with their guesses.  Zero in on the exact figure and WIN THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES.  It could happen at ANY MOMENT! great-things-happen-when-you-least-expect-it-7050644


Here it is again…OUR BEST CLUE to how you can WIN EVERYTHING INSIDE THE BIG BLACK BOX.  There are four things inside that box.  TOTAL VALUE of THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  Listen to EACH GUESS on the air…zero in on the amount of cash and win it all.  It’s the Perry’s Electric and 105.9-THE LEGEND –BIG BLACK BOX!Listening


Someone in our audience is close to winning EVERYTHING inside the Perry’s Electric, 105.9-THE LEGEND, BIG BLACK BOX!  It could be YOU!  Our top tip is to listen carefully to each call that gets through to be on the air.  Each guess can bring you closer to winning.  THE LONGER YOU LISTEN…THE GREATER YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING!hqdefault.jpg


We predict that THIS IS THE WEEK that someone will win EVERYTHING INSIDE THE BIG BLACK BOX!  There are four things inside the BIG BLACK BOX.  Three of them have been correctly identified and the fourth is waiting only for a specific number.  We’re close…VERY CLOSE!  Be ready to call in and win it all on the LEGEND when we give you the signal to call.  It’s the Perry’s Electric/105.9-THE LEGEND…BIG BLACK BOX!FB_IMG_1527080793282 (3)