Have you ever wondered what might have happened if the Beatles had reunited for that one final life-changing concert?  This may be as close as we’ll ever come to re-living THE CONCERT THAT NEVER WAS!  THE REUNION is a stunning live concert with dead on recreations of the songs that would likely have been a part of that concert.   THE LEGEND has your tickets FOR FREE!  Listen to the LEGEND for more details soon about this event that will happen for ONE NIGHT ONLY, Saturday, May 5th at the Florence Event Center.

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What if the greatest group in the history of rock reunited for one amazing concert?  Imagine…THE FAB FOUR, together once more.  IMPOSSIBLE?  Maybe not!  THE REUNION is the ultimate fantasy tribute to THE BEATLES.  One night only, Saturday, May 5th at the Florence Events Center.  105.9 THE LEGEND is holding A STASH OF GREAT TICKETS to this fabulous BEATLES TRIBUTE SHOW and we can put you there for FREE!  Stay tuned for more details on the station that plays ONLY LEGEND…105.9-THE LEGEND!

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Pick your coffee drink…any size, any flavor, any location of DUTCH BROS. COFFEE.  That’s the prize today for the person who correctly answers Roger’s question of the day: “On the average, Dads do THIS about 30 seconds faster than Moms do it.  What is it?”

Be ready to call (541) 808-9399 when Roger gives you the signal to call in an win.  Meantime, join RWM in his early morning ritual of starting each day with a cup of Dutch Bros. Coffee!Generic_Banner_3x6_16-5696B


If you listen regularly, you already know that he starts with a cup of  coffee from DUTCH BROS. COFFEE.  He loves his coffee and 105.9-THE LEGEND, loves DUTCH BROS. COFFEE and all that company does to give back to the communities it serves.

In tribute, Roger has a PAIR OF CERTIFICATES for any size…any flavor of Dutch Bros. Coffee for the first person with the answer to his “Impossible Quiz” this Morgan.  Listen for the question and call when Roger gives you the signal to call in and win.  (541) 808-9399.  WAIT FOR THE SIGNAL TO CALL IN.Generic_Banner_3x6_16-5696B