Our live stream was down for awhile but it’s back up and working. NOW…here’s Carlos Santana. He’s been looking for YOU!

…and we have tickets for you to connect when he’s in Eugene, Oregon.  Be listening Monday for more details.  It’s the event of the year in Eugene and THE LEGEND can put you and a guest in seats reserved for YOU!Carlos

What a way to celebrate Chinese New Year!!

This “Morgan”, Roger W. gave away a BUNCH of sets of authentic Chinese dining utensils.  There’s more to come with Shotgun Tom Kelly this afternoon!  Every time Shotgun plays a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, be the first caller at (541) 808-9399 to win another set (service for one) of our authentic Chinese dining utensils.  congratulations to all our winners this “Morgan”…and to the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a certificate for a “sour dough bowl” of that delicious, freshly harvested and prepared, clam chowder – featuring Seattles Best sour dough bread loaf – clam chowderfrom Fisherman’s Seafood Mkt. on the boardwalk in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

Roger W. Morgan and Shotgun Tom Kelly are giving away sets of authentic Chinese dining utensils today.  Listen to Roger 6am-10am, and Shotgun Tom from 3pm-7pm today, during the “year of the dog”…to win!  —and ONE lucky winner will get a bonus…a bread bowl made with the finest sour dough bread loaf from Seattle and freshly harvested clams, all from Fisherman’s Seafood Mkt. on the boardwalk in Coos Bay.  When you hear the signal to call, call us at (541) 808-9399…  FIRST CALLER EACH TIME WINS!!chinese.jpg


Yes, SHOTGUN TOM KELLY is always first to “suit up” for Chinese New Year, TOMORROW!  Shotgun places a lot of Creedence on Fortune Cookies – almost as much as he places on Creedence Clearwater Revival!  Catch this “smart cookie” on the air with us between 3 and 7pm each weekday afternoon.  Tomorrow, FRIDAY, listen for any Creedence Clearwater Revival song on Shotgun’s show and be the first caller to (541) 808-9399, to win a pair of “official Shotgun Tom Kelly’s CHOP STICKS!”  (Yes, our promotional budget is still a few “Yens” short of fabulous…)  The perfect companion for those daily rickshaw commutes here on the Southern Oregon Coast, SHOTGUN TOM KELLY.Shot China


Yes, one of ’em (the guy in the light jacket) was our own, Roger W. Morgan.  The other guy?  We had to give so many clues it became crazy!  We finally said, “The reason you don’t recognize his face is because he sometimes had TWO faces!”.  That clue only puzzled people more until a chip-truck driver from Roseburg, Oregon phoned in from the road and said, “It’s Lou Christie”.  Yes!  That’s him and we gave away another pizza to Tracy King.  A HUGE contest is coming up…watch right here for BREAKING NEWS!1012402_10203161817594679_1336230460_n


During the 8am hour Wednesday, Roger will give the signal to call 105.9 FM and identify these two.  He’ll take the 5th caller with the correct answer to win a large, 3-topping Pizza from Dave’s Pizza in Coos Bay.  And tomorrow, we’ll be telling you about our most exciting contest yet.  105.9 – THE HOME OF LEGENDS AND WINNERS!1012402_10203161817594679_1336230460_n27145285_10215174027452418_2062953710_o (2) (1)