1. Ok Roger… I guess I’m just going to start a petition to move “The Beatles Year” show back to its original time slot. We love all your music and of course your shows but I need my Beatle fix and I’m just to seasoned (old) to stay up that late.

    I’m willing to negotiate or bribe with wine if need be. I will compromise if you can put it on at 10:00pm for my drive to North Bend from Bandon.

    David Hayes

    1. I’d love to have some additional evidence that it’s being well received by the bulk of our audience. It’s a significant departure from our regular format and I need to make changes based on some pretty solid evidence. I appreciate the thought. I’d love to get some feedback from others.

    2. OK. The wine did wonders and, as much as I hate to declare “victory” at a single bottle…that was pretty special. We’re now looking into a 10 pm slot for “The Beatle Years”. Bob Malik is going to need a bottle upon his next visit and I’m sure he’ll award you accordingly. It likely won’t happen this weekend but the adjustment should be in place going into July. FIREWORKS!! FIREWATER!! (Where is that “Legend” cocktail?)

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