The comments we are getting to our request for input on our music are helping a lot!  Again, here’s what we are looking for.  We want to hear the THREE songs that you never hear on THE LEGEND that you would love to hear.  THEN, we want your list of THREE SONGS you hear on THE LEGEND that you NEVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN.  This helps more than you could ever know.  Be sure to listen to see the effect that your input has on creating a LEGENDARY RADIO STATION for the Southern Oregon Coast.  THIS IS YOUR STATION and your comments a heard and valued!!!images (2)

3 thoughts on “YOU ARE AWESOME…THANK YOU!”

  1. Just found you. Despised “The Wave”. Totally burnt out on KDock and The Rock. NEVER EVER WANT TO HEAR “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, Hotel California” or ANYTHING from Madonna! Would like to hear Foghat, Zeppelin and Allman Bros.
    Thanks for not beating me to death with commercials and really am sick of the Pot commercials.
    Welcome and thanks!

    1. Great comments, Toni. By the way, “Toni” is the name of one of Roger W. Morgan’s daughters. He loved your comments!

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