30 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Here’s a list of 30 things you can do while stuck at home:

1. Learn a new language.

Sign language, Spanish, French, whatever you’re trying to learn, YouTube could help. 

2. Workout.

3. Create a collage

Use old magazines and book covers to create something new. 

4. Knit a hat (or something else).

Find patterns on Ravelry and tutorials on YouTube.

5. Cook a new recipe.

Present it to your family as if you are on a chef show.

6. Dance. (Social DisDANCING)

Turn on 105.9FM and dance!

7. Play an online game with friends.

8. Learn all of the TikTok dances.

This might be an app mostly populated by people under 20, but those dances look fun!

9. Become a photographer.

Do a photoshoot. Take new headshots. Take pictures of things around your home.

10. Puppet show.

To take up extra time, make your own puppets. 

11. Meditate.

12. Read all those books you’ve been planning to read.

13. Write a poem/book/short story.

14. FaceTime your son, grandma, or any family member.

Check in on them. Let them know how you are. 

15. Write a letter to a loved one or your favorite Station!

Remember when this was the norm? Let’s bring it back!

16. Organize your closet Marie Kondo style.

Does this spark joy for you? 

17. Support local business by ordering take-out.

Check out the list here. 

18. Play hide and seek.

Generally works best if you have others at home with you. 

19. Learn calligraphy.

Thin upstroke. Thick down-stroke. Here’s a tutorial.

20. Learn how to do a new makeup look.

Cut-crease, baking, contouring … there’s a lot. Now is the time to learn because you’re alone. YouTube tutorials, anyone?

21. Take care of your skin.

Do a face mask. Get better face care habits now. 

22. Color.

This isn’t just an activity for kids. Get an adult coloring book, or draw a picture in black marker and color it with colored pencils. 

23. Re-arrange your furniture.

Make it feel like a brand new home. 

24. Donate to a charity.

Just pick one that you love.

25. Set up an indoor beach.

No, you don’t have to bring sand inside. Use a blanket as the sand.

26. Test out that green thumb.

Plant seeds. Garden. 

27. Paint your nails.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

28. Cut your own hair.

Please watch tutorials before you do this. Also … start small. 

29. Take a nap.

You deserve it.

30. Go outside … safely, of course.

Fresh air can help!