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There are striking differences between simply purchasing  “radio commercials” and investing in a custom-coordinated advertising campaign on THE LEGEND.  

  1. MORE ADULT LISTENERS.  KLJN-FM, THE LEGEND, has the undisputed largest audience of adult listeners on the South Coast of Oregon.  No other market radio station has a larger “footprint” than THE LEGEND, covering a 115 mile stretch of the Southern Oregon Coast from Yachats to the North all the way to Gold Beach to the South.  Because we conduct ongoing listener research, THE LEGEND can say, without reservation, that no other radio station reaches more adult listeners in this market than THE LEGEND.  
  2. STRICT COMMERCIAL LIMITATION.  While other radio stations regularly play as many as 5 or 6 commercials per break, THE LEGEND has a strict limitation of NEVER MORE than 3 minutes of commercials in any of our 4 breaks per hour.  Listeners will simply tune out of a radio station that plays too many commercials.
  3. QUALITY OF COMMERCIALS.  Most listeners immediately notice the difference in QUALITY of commercials on THE LEGEND from those on other stations.  THE LEGEND uses only professional voices, chosen from a stable of dedicated voice over professionals throughout America.  Our legendary relationship with some of the most notable broadcasters throughout the country has given us the ability to offer dedicated professional voices to each commercial.  Other stations regularly use the voices of their on-air and office staff for voicing commercials.  While our key personalities are available at a premium investment, ALL of our commercials are voiced by industry professionals whose work is available in this market ONLY ON THE LEGEND.
  4. ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST HONORED TEAM OF PERSONALITIES.  Our superior on air team of Roger W. Morgan, Bob Malik, and Shotgun Tom Kelly represents a combined total of more than 100 years of broadcast experience in major markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and other leading U.S. radio markets.
  5. INDIVIDUALLY PRODUCED BROADCAST CAMPAIGNS.  Each broadcast campaign on THE LEGEND is created individually for each client.  “Cookie cutter” advertising campaigns can’t possibly match the results that THE LEGEND incorporates into every successful broadcast campaign we create for each individual client.