Chelsea is from Dallas, Oregon and a BIG WINNER of the ONLY PAIR OF TICKETS that we gave away for the JIM BELUSHI-JOHNNY WHEELS, SWAMP DONKEYS concert at FRONT STREET PROVISIONERS here in Coos Bay.  The concert is co-sponsored by HERBAL CHOICES, and the response has been BEYOND AMAZING!  Everyone with a ticket is UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL and a PART OF THE SHOW!  We are limited to only 100 guests for this event and we want to remind everyone that we’re already working on our next big event…BIGGER VENUE…and more LEGENDARY NAMES!  Meantime, we hope you’re among those who’ll be with ROGER W. MORGAN, BOB MALIK, SHOTGUN TOM KELLY and DESIREE for the JIM BELUSHI event with JOHNNY WHEELS AND THE SWAMP DONKEYS on March 15th.featured-jim-belushi