Roger W. Morgan

Roger W. Morgan with Wolfman Jack

Roger W. Morgan is a “top forty” radio broadcast legend. His seminal voice is easily recognizable, his personality is ubiquitous, he has been a friend to the Beatles and has dined with kings. Roger’s radio career had a humble beginning in his hometown of Salem, Oregon, when he searched for summer employment to provide funds for a college education and to purchase a car. Just out of junior high school, a hometown radio station agreed to hire him for the summer, but not as the on-air personality Roger aspired to be. Station management said they were looking for a “gopher” -someone to run errands and to burn teletype paper that accumulated each day in the station’s newsroom. Morgan’s dream came true. He remembers, “While I was burning trash in the field behind the station, the entire staff was fired by the eccentric station owner.” When Roger returned to the studio and found the entire staff missing, the station owner inquired if Roger had ever worked on the air. Quickly recognizing that there was no one to dispute what he was about to say, Morgan claimed he knew almost everything there was to know about being an on-air personality. He didn’t. His opening words on the air still resonate in his memory many years later, “…And now, news highlines and headlights!” He knew the statement was wrong, but in his panic he couldn’t recall “headlines and highlights.” At 15 years old and with sweat beads forming on his head, so his journey began.

Roger’s career has been every kid’s dream come true. He has become friends with legendary hit makers including The Beatles, Elton John, Ray Charles and a host of rock legends. He has appeared in leading television shows including “The Streets of San Francisco” with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, films including “The Enforcer” with Clint Eastwood, and he served as a judge at the Miss Universe Pageant on Cyprus in 2000.
Today, Roger lives in North Bend, Oregon with his wife Usiel and their son Dennis and takes his place on the morning show at 105.9, THE LEGEND, along with lifelong pals, Bob Malik and Shotgun Tom Kelly. If you haven’t yet been “Morganized”, don’t wait any longer. Roger is heard every weekday “Morgan” between 6 and 10 am on THE LEGEND!