Tomorrow morning at about 9am, Bill Cunningham of THE BOXTOPS, drops in to visit with Roger W. Morgan  When most of us think early rock ’n’ roll influencers and the city of Memphis, one artist immediately comes to mind: Elvis. But in 1967, just as The King was about to relaunch his live-performance career following a seven-year stint making movies and recording soundtracks in Hollywood another Memphis act began making some significant noise. Combining elements of soul and pop, The Box Tops hit it big virtually overnight, thanks to “The Letter,” a snappy tune that clocked in under two minutes and swiftly reached the top of the charts. Capitalizing on their immediate success, The Box Tops would record and release three albums over nine months from late 1967 to mid-1968, producing additional hits such as “Cry Like a Baby” and “Soul Deep.” Alas, as Elvis’ career skyrocketed, success proved to be fleeting for The Box Tops, who disbanded in early 1970. They didn’t reunited in until 1996, when they resumed touring regularly until lead vocalist Alex Chilton’s unexpected death in 2010. Five years passed before founding members Gary Talley and Bill Cunningham—answering the pleas of fans— joined forces to take The Box Tops back out on the road. images (8).jpg