Bob Malik

Bob Malik and Ringo Starr on the set of THE BEATLE YEARS!

A genuine broadcast LEGEND, Bob Malik is claimed by several prominent places as being a “hometown” hero. Truth be told, he got his start in Modesto, California and marched his way quickly up the ladder of radio success with stops in Salinas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as one of America’s most honored broadcasters.
Bob was quickly “discovered” by Westwood One national broadcast syndication company as not only a major fan of The Beatles, but as a solid authority on The Beatles. Westwood One jumped at the opportunity to put Bob at the helm of their popular nationally syndicated program, The Beatle Years, originating each week from Los Angeles. 

Bob, Shotgun Tom Kelly and Roger W. Morgan have been “The Three Amigos” of broadcasting for many years but all three didn’t appear together on a single radio station until now. When the seed was planted for bringing a legendary radio format to the Southern Oregon Coast, there was no hesitation in bringing Bob into the mix. Bob drops into our weekday mid day program between 10 am and 3pm, sandwiched between lifelong friends, Roger W. Morgan and Shotgun Tom Kelly. The three see each other passing in the hallway of THE LEGEND and are a frequent trio at sidewalk cafes on L.A.’s famed Miracle Mile where they can be found sipping tea and re-living the experiences of being among the nation’s leading radio personalities.
A graduate of great radio stations including stops in Sacramento, KFRC and K-101 in San Francisco, and K-EARTH in Los Angeles, Bob is a proud member of 105.9’s legendary AIR FORCE!