Shotgun Tom Kelly

Shotgun Tom Kelly with Stevie Wonder

As most on-air radio veterans will tell you, being a radio star is better than working for a living. Shotgun is a genuine RADIO STAR and a broadcast LEGEND!  His job is to talk into a microphone. It may be all we know how to do, it may be all we ever dreamed of doing. In any case, it’s all that Shotgun Tom Kelly has done since he was a teenager, and not long ago, he received one of his most impressive rewards.

At the corner of LaBrea and Hollywood in the center of Hollywood California’s entertainment mecca, with hundreds of his fans watching and shoulder to shoulder with his longtime friend Stevie Wonder, THE LEGEND’s newest superstar, got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Shotgun started working in radio as a teenager when his mom urged him to go see a DJ broadcasting live from a shopping center. After stints at several stations in San Diego, plus Oxnard, Bakersfield, Phoenix, and San Francisco, he moved to LA in 1997.   Shotgun Tom Kelly took over for “The Real” Don Steele on America’s premiere “oldies radio stations”, K-EARTH, . Shotgun remained at K-EARTH until recently when he decided to slow down and enjoy life even more. -and what better place to enjoy life than right here on the Southern Oregon Coast. Shotgun Tom will be a regular visitor to our afternoon show between 3 and 7 pm weekdays and you’re gonna’ LOVE this legend!